April 17, 2007

Udall Files For Senate Run

Rep. Mark Udall confirmed his much-anticipated but unsurprising intention to run by forming a committee for Sen. Wayne Allard's seat as the Democrat's candidate in 2008:
Democratic Congressman Mark Udall on Monday filed federal paperwork to run for the Senate and announced he has raised $1.5 million for the campaign.

Udall has made no secret of his intention to run next year for the seat being vacated by GOP Sen. Wayne Allard, who is retiring. Udall has not yet formally announced. Udall indicated that a formal campaign announcement would be set for later this year.

Udall said Monday he raised $334,882 for his Senate campaign in the first three months of the year, bringing his total cash on hand to $1.537 million.
. . .
"There's a lot of focus on this race," Udall said.

Some analysts have said candidates could spend a total of $20 million, which would make it the most expensive in state history.

Udall said Democrat Ken Salazar spent $10 million to win his seat two years ago and he expects to spend at least that much.

"It's too much money. It's a shame Congress costs that much," Udall said.
A shame, yes, but the reality in a bitterly divided nation.

Udall had more to say on his intended run:
"I intend to run a campaign that breaks the old mold of bitter and partisan politics, in favor of one that is about bringing Coloradans together," Udall said Monday. "Our country is facing deep crises at home and abroad. We must find a way to successfully end the war in Iraq and mount an effective strategy against terrorism, and we must build a safer, stronger and more prosperous America. We can only meet these challenges by working in new ways that reach across old partisan divides, and elevate our public debates. That is what I have always strived for in my political life, and it is my intention to build a campaign organization that matches the best expectations of Coloradans."
Colorado Confidential has more on Udall's "unity" platform, building bridges, "I'm not from Boulder" rhetoric, universal health care, etc.

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