April 10, 2007

CU's Annual Conference On World Affairs Draws Moonbats

As the CWA does every year, of course. This year's edition features a token "neo-conservative", a Democratic Presidential candidate (Joe Biden) and a mélange of wacky liberal panels, leftist projection, and the latest moonbat theories, including:
1101 Inconvenient Truths: Why Don't We Believe Our Scientists

1103 Freedom Torture

1109 Hang in There, Justice John Paul Stevens

1502 Countdown to Armageddon

1504 Latin America: Backlash or Axis of Hope

1805 I Never Thought I'd Miss Nixon

2101 Sally and Eve, Adam and Steve

2302 Environmental Stewardship and Indigenous People

2601 The Draft: A Sure Cure for Citizen Apathy

2800 TEA AND STORYTELLING Mexican Tales of Wonder and Woe (Bilingual in English and Español)
Those are just some of the highlights of the first two days. Global warming and climate change are highlighted, as are attacks on capitalism and praise for illegal immigration. Anyone who has attended one of these "intellectual" shindigs (I did for the four years I was an undergraduate) knows that anything but an honest and open forum is conducted representing both or all sides of contentious issues. Holding the conference in Boulder draws not only liberal panelists, but the usual gaggle of crazy lefties from the university and the city itself, who dominate the Q & A and intimidate conservative voices. Just picture a Ward Churchill rant-fest and project that over five days, about 100 panels, and thousands of attendees.

Other panels range from the innocuous "2102 Life's a Risk" to the pointless "2703 Texas is Bigger than France" to the bizarre "5304 Burning Man: Geeks and Hippies Join Hands". Tributes to former panelists like liberal columnist Molly Ivins--"5600B A Moment NOT of Silence in Honor of Molly Ivins (Feel free to bring pots and pans to bang!)" are tempered by the somewhat serious topics that might actually provide an interesting exchange--"4600 China and India: Playing by Their Own Rules".

Liberal moonbat Harry Belafonte, known for praising Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, hanging with St. Cindy Sheehan and sharing a smooch with fellow moonbat Danny Glover, had to cancel his participation due to health. Heartache.*
*(for the moonbats, that's heartache over his absence at the conference--we wish him well health-wise)

When Harry met Danny

Delaware Senator and Democratic candidate for Presidente Joseph R. Biden, Jr. will deliver a speech on Friday--"5500A PLENARY America's Interests, Iraq's Future". Liberal columnist Paul Krugman will hold forth on "5202 Wages, Wealth and Politics". Oh joy.

And if all of this isn't your cup of tea, you can still enjoy the concurrently running Churchillpalooza! extravaganza this week only!