April 08, 2007

He Is Risen!

Fra Angelico's "Noli me tangere"

Pope Benedict XVI holds a candle as he leads the Easter Vigil service in Saint Peter's Basilica at the Vatican April 7, 2007. REUTERS/Giampiero Sposito

Pope Benedict XVI reminded Catholics of Jesus' love and triumph over evil:
Pope Benedict led the world's Roman Catholics into the second Easter of his pontificate on Saturday night, telling them not to fear evil or even death.
. . .
In his homily the Pope, wearing gold and white vestments, said the resurrection of Christ lent hope to humanity -- even in its darkest moments.

"In the resurrection of Jesus, love has been shown to be stronger than death, stronger than evil," the Pope said.

He prayed that God would "descend into the darkness and abyss of our modern age, and take by the hand those who await (God). Bring them to the light".
Bundle up on Easter--more evidence of global cooling warming, as the nation experiences some unusual and record-shattering April temperatures.