April 06, 2007

Cut-And-Run Colorado House Democrats Approve Anti-War Resolution

A "compromise", watered-down version of the Colorado Senate's resolution, passed along (surprise, surprise) a party-line vote:
On a party-line 36-26 vote, the House approved a compromise resolution urging President Bush and Congress to adopt a "comprehensive strategy" to stop an escalation of bloodshed.

But House Democrats stopped short of their Senate counterparts' resolution, which opposed the president's surge of 20,000 more troops to quell sectarian attacks in Baghad.

Democrats said the revised measure, officially titled Senate Memorial 2, supports the troops and "honors the bravery and sacrifice" they and their families have made. But it calls for a clear strategy to reduce the violence, foster a democratic Iraq and, ultimately, end the need for Americans to be in harm's way.

"I don't want to pull out of Iraq, but I don't want to blindly plod ahead either," said Rep. Joe Rice, D-Littleton, a lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserves who has served two tours in Iraq and plans to go on a third.

Rice, a sponsor of the amended resolution, said he could defend it to Army comrades who helped him "stay alive" while in Iraq. To him, it's a call for both international diplomacy and strengthening Iraqi forces to ensure the security of the Middle East and the United States.
Anyone else disturbed by an active duty Army Reserve lieutenant colonel making commentary on military policy? He is entitled to his personal opinion, certainly--and once he retires is perhaps a great voice for veterans and military commentary, regardless of political views. But proposing resolutions that run contrary to the Commander-In-Chief in a time of war? Hmmm.

The biggest worry for the legislators seems to be the phony bipartisanship that might shatter in a heated debate:
All sides struggled to maintain a respectful tone, worrying aloud that a bruising war debate could rupture the fragile two-party collaboration that makes the legislature work.

Republicans, however, said the measure undercuts support for U.S. forces, emboldens the enemy and second-guesses the military's prosecution of a war halfway around the world.

"The thrust of this memorial, like a bayonet through the hearts of our men and women in the field, is not to honor their sacrifice but to diminish their cause," said Rep. Bob Gardner, R-Colorado Springs, an Air Force veteran. "This is no memorial. It is rather the bitter ashes of politicians debating while soldiers die."
Respectful legislator can have heated debates and still maintain a sense of decorum and hold fast to their views. Agreeing for the sake of some mythical, non-existent "collaboration", especially on a resolution that puts forward the statement that Colorado prefers cut-and-run over stay-and-fight.

Colorado Democrats are simply engaging in political posturing they hope they can use in the next election, not caring about the complete futility of the resolution (its legally non-binding). As usual, the Dems are worried about funding for their bread-and-butter constituencies and government entitlements:
But House Majority Leader Alice Madden said Colorado should weigh in on a conflict that is costing thousands of lives and $2 billion a week while Americans face shrinking federal funding for health care, education and heating assistance for the poor.

The battle isn't over.

Sen. Ron Tupa, D-Boulder, chastised House Democrats for gutting the tougher language of his Senate version. He said Senate Democrats have the votes to stick by their resolution, forcing the House to either back down or kill the measure.
Nice little threat at the end there from Tupa, the Senator from the People's Republic of Boulder.

Just another example of how the left and Democrats in general "support our troops."

Like opposing a statue in Littleton honoring a fallen Navy SEAL
, led by anti-gunners who compared the hero to Columbine murderers Eric Harris and Dylan Kliebold.

Don't question their patriotism, however.

A veteran takes on the Defeatocrats' cut-and-run strategy. (video)