April 02, 2007

Tancredo In, Future In CD-6 Up In Air

Tancredo's in, but that isn't the most important item in today's announcement. Inasmuch as Tancredo's positions on illegal immigration will make him a second-tier candidate with little hope of winning the GOP nomination, his position as a Congressman, at this point, does not seem to have changed. In fact, Tancredo just may stick with his safe seat should the quixotic Presidential push not pan out:
Although he is officially committed to the race for the White House, Tancredo hinted he does not necessarily plan to give up his safely Republican 6th Congressional District if he fails to win the GOP presidential nomination. Because he has gained a national platform, he sees it as his "responsibility" to do everything he can to advance the immigration reform issue.

"When I say, 'Do everything I can,' I mean, do everything I can," he said. "I mean to be in Congress, do what's necessary there."
Kudos to Tancredo for continuing to make illegal immigration a top priority, and to push that issue at the national level. Anyone living in the Southwest, in agricultural areas, or places with large construction projects knows that this problem is not a "fringe" issue.

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