March 30, 2007

Churchill Recommendation To President Hank Brown Within Week

Bringing the Ward Churchill debacle one step further, but still potentially months from completion (via PirateBallerina):
According to the policy, if the president and the P&T panel concur that dismissal is warranted, the president would forward the case to the regents for a final decision. If the president does not believe dismissal is warranted -- regardless of the P&T recommendation -- the case would be closed. If the president believes dismissal is warranted but the P&T panel disagrees, the president must return the case to the panel, which has up to 15 days to reconsider its decision and issue a second report to the president. If the president still believes dismissal is warranted, he can then send the matter to the regents, but there is no timeline in the old policy for doing so. Churchill would then have 20 business days -- a full month -- to respond to the president's recommendation in writing and decide whether he wants a hearing with the board. Any action the regents take on the recommendation must be done in public, the policy states.
The description of even one section of the old, arcane removal procedure no doubt spurred calls for the revamped system (100 days) just recently approved.