March 27, 2007

"Festival Of Democracy", Massive Protests Planned For 2008 Denver DNC

Moonbat protestors have dubbed their planned actions a "festival of democracy"--more like carnival of lunacy--and have already called for street theater and riots, turning Denver into Chicago (1968 Democratic Convention):
Plans were unveiled Monday for four days of "massive protests" during the 2008 Democratic National Convention, including a four-day "festival of democracy" that may be held in Civic Center.

But even as plans were laid for protests, concerns were raised about police spying on lawful dissent.

The Recreate 68 Alliance, which includes several groups involved in the annual Columbus Day protests in Denver, said it would work to bring thousands of activists here during the August 2008 gathering.

"You'll see large mass actions similar to the immigration rallies" last spring, predicted Glenn Spagnuolo, of the All Nations Alliance.

Spagnuolo said activists had just begun meeting to plan their actions.

The group wants to sponsor a festival to run during the convention and bring speakers, entertainment and free food to a local park.

"We hope to work with the city to create a festival that will be fun and exciting and peaceful," said Mark Cohen, of the All Nations Alliance.
If recent protests are any indication, the "festival" will be anything but fun, exciting or peaceful. The top concern for the moonbats? Police spying.

Spagnuolo should be familiar to everyone as one of Ward Churchill's lackeys.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ward Churchill's lackey, come on, you can do better than that. So unoriginal. Anyway, I know you are hoping for riots in the streets of Denver, but any violence would result from police misconduct as plans are for constitutionally protected protest that will be peaceful. If you are not the patriotic type and do not like the freedoms this country provides its citizens as guaranteed under the first amendment, maybe you should consider leaving it.

Wed Mar 28, 10:29:00 AM  
Blogger el presidente said...

Acolyte. Sycophant. The list could go on and on.

I've seen just how "peaceful" the peace activists can be--toward the police officers and to counterprotestors.

These moonbats believe in free speech for themselves, but no one else. Disagree, and they attack you--in the hate-filled, aggressive, and intimidating but "peaceful" manner of pushing, shouting, and using epithets.

"Peace" moonbats are constantly using the word fascist to describe their opponents. Perhaps a few seconds of introspection would reveal the projection that is taking place. Want fascists? Look in the mirror.

Wed Mar 28, 02:56:00 PM  
Anonymous Gina, The Republican Princess said...

I'd rather engage in angry gorilla sex than debate with a, "peaceful protestor." (Although, hair-wise, you could hardly tell the difference between a gorilla and a razor-neglecting feminist.) They're idea of, "peaceful protesting," is yelling at you, calling you names and tossing cookies at you...literally. (no really, I've had cookies thrown at me!)

Whether you attend a, "peaceful protest," or piss a gorilla off, the end result is all the same. Anger, yelling, and a whole lotta poo flinging. Chances are the gorilla might actually smell better.

You are also probably really annoyed with my constant use of quotations, but thing is...unlike liberals, quotations are useful and serve a purpose in life.

In the end, my friend, we shouldn't be the ones told to leave. Oh no, it should be all you anti-Bushers who promised to leave the country if Bush got re-elected. Of course, we knew none of you would actually leave, we can't exactly give you THAT much credit and hold you to your words.

It's highly amusing you should consider us unpatriotic since we're not the ones who are burning the American flag and creaming our pants at the thought of turning more "European."

Wed Mar 28, 05:59:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WAD - in my experience with Denver protests, there are the five very young guys wearing bandanas across their face. They'll go and disrupt traffic and get arrested. The rest will make themselves heard and then go and get coffee. You need a superbowl win to cause a riot out here.

Fri Aug 15, 10:27:00 AM  

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