March 23, 2007

Illegal Immigration Activists Select César Chávez Parade To Kick Off Weeklong Statewide Boycott Of Colorado

Piggybacking open borders/illegal immigrant activism--read: amnesty--onto the larger context of "labor struggles" with a statewide boycott of Colorado businesses from March 25-April 1:
The Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, or CIRC, and the student group M.E.Ch.A. approached the César Chávez Peace and Justice Committee of Denver and asked to participate in the sixth annual march Saturday.

"Our mission is to promote the work of César Chávez in labor struggles, so there is a connection to other societies," said Ramon Del Castillo, a committee founder and professor at Metropolitan State College of Denver. "The question of labor and wages is a universal human right that we all have, and he promoted that. In the end, César Chávez was a civil-rights activist and not just a union organizer."
. . .
The immigrant groups will be calling for fair immigration reform and will use the event to kick off a week-long economic boycott - Sunday through April 1 - intended to show how much undocumented immigrants and their supporters contribute to the economy, said Julien Ross, coordinator of CIRC.

"César Chávez utilized the boycott through his career, and it's fitting and just that as we honor César Chávez, we will be utilizing one of the tactics that he made so effective," Ross said.
. . .
"It really reminds us that we are flowers from the same garden," Del Castillo said about longtime U.S. Latinos and recent immigrants. "Those of us in this society for two and three and four generations and longer have reaped benefits of that (previous) movement and should use our knowledge for work with the undocumented workers to help them."
As explained before, temporary boycotts like these only result in heightened consumption before and after the target dates, as people stock up or resume their normal habits.

Interesting that they would choose Chávez as a model for helping illegal immigrants--his United Farm Workers opposed illegal immigration and the farmers who employed them, in some cases reporting suspected illegal aliens to the INS.

Anything goes for the moonbat/amnesty solidarity coalition, I guess.

CIRC has a detailed list of upcoming "events".


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