March 23, 2007

Ecoterrorists In Denver Setting SUVs Ablaze

--suspect arrested, 6 cases of arson

Grant Barnes was taken into custody near Garfield St. and Bayaud Ave. Thursday night, March 22, 2007. CBS

. . . developing . . .

Earlier reports were vague, but now it appears more likely that SUVs in Denver are being targeted by determined environmentalist moonbats (video):
A normally quiet block in Cherry Creek was awakened early Wednesday morning by an explosion. They heard the wailing sirens of fire engines pulling up outside. And they went to their windows and saw the flames, rising 15 feet into the air from the body of a black SUV parked along the curb.

"You wake up and you see your car burning and you have no response to that," said Chris Dykes. "It's surreal."

More surreal is that Dykes's Hummer H2, parked outside his home on Monroe Street, was one of three vehicles set ablaze in the same neighborhood on the same night.
. . .
Neighbors are suspicious: "My first thought when I saw a Hummer up in flames was: environmentalists, trying to prove a point of some sort," one said.

Three letters, markered onto the driver's door and rear window of Dykes's SUV, could be the calling-card of a group known for using violence to destroy things--like SUVs--deemed to be hazardous to the environment: the Earth Liberation Front, or "E.L.F.".
. . .
But, neighbors, who three weeks ago were warned not to park their cars outside after a slew of tire-slashings, suspect that the incidents are all related.

"This was planned out," said one neighbor who asked not to be identified. "We saw the investigators remove the detonating device from underneath the car. They didn't go to all that trouble just to blow up a car. They wanted SUVs."
Hope the arsonists purchased carbon-offsets/indulgences.

Is this the beginning of a trend?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

An arrest has been made:

Fri Mar 23, 01:53:00 PM  
Anonymous piboulder said...

I wouldn't say this is merely the start of a trend. It started several years ago with the torching of SUVs in other states like California, though they used to torch them on the car lots, not in front of people's houses.

Sat Mar 24, 02:42:00 AM  

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