March 21, 2007

Scott McInnis Out?--Updated and Bumped (Again)

**Update 2
Washington Post appears to confirm McInnis' imminent withdrawal from the race.

The Denver Post says McInnis is "assessing" his options--code for trying to figure out a way to exit the race gracefully:
Republican Scott McInnis said in January that "there was no question" he would run for the U.S. Senate if Wayne Allard decided not to seek re-election.

But two months later, McInnis is still "assessing" a run as the road toward a possible nomination has become bumpier.

Not only does the national political environment still show voter dissatisfaction with Republicans, but GOP backers have paused at some of McInnis' past political decisions and current status as a lobbyist.

Additionally, former Sen. Bill Armstrong, known as the "godfather" of the state GOP, isn't backing him, and has thrown his support behind former U.S. Rep. Bob Schaffer - who hasn't decided whether he is running.

"I have told Scott that I favor Bob and that I think it's Bob's turn," Armstrong said. "Bob has maintained the support of traditional Republican activists. He is the most likely Republican nominee."

Armstrong has strong connections to conservatives, including James Dobson of Focus on the Family, and the Club For Growth.

McInnis has declined all Denver Post requests for interviews over the past few weeks. Neither he nor his spokeswoman returned calls Tuesday.

Although he has formed an exploratory committee - often the first step toward officially running - McInnis now appears less certain than he was two months ago.

"He is continually assessing the environment and getting critical feedback from around the state," his spokeswoman Susan Smith said Monday. "He is exploring whether to get in or out."
ColoradoPols appears ready to confirm that McInnis is out.

Political Pale Horse doubts McInnis will drop out, but notes that anything is possible.

Colorado Confidential also seems skeptical
at a McInnis withdrawal so early in the campaign.

Ben DeGrow at Mount Virtus believes that there is a strong likelihood based on a credible source that former Rep. Scott McInnis will bow out of the race for Sen. Wayne Allard's seat in 2008.

The Colorado Index says that a "major announcement" will be made by a candidate tomorrow.

The news of the National Republican Senatorial Committee's recruitment of Colorado's Attorney General John Suthers certainly opens the possibility.

Should McInnis withdraw, as Ben asks, is it time to draft Bob Schaffer?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok - let's be clear... NO WHERE is there credible proof that RSC is recruiting Suthers. Looking - yes. Talking - yes. But don't make that final jump. Schaffer is their first choice.

Tue Mar 20, 11:02:00 AM  

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