March 18, 2007

Iraq War Parade/Protest In Denver

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Michelle Malkin--Blogburst: Gathering of Eagles--30,000 strong
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Hot Air Films--The Gathering of Eagles
Gateway Pundit has coverage of moonbat Cindy Sheehan's drivel, more on the Gathering of Eagles in DC, and anti-war moonbats clashing with police at the Pentagon
And the troops themselves? An “Appeal for Courage”--“to fully support our mission in Iraq and halt any calls for retreat”

So, where's the local coverage?
Thankfully St. Patrick's Day stole the thunder from Denver's protestors, as the Denver Post had only a blurb to describe the events along the Front Range, along with photos that did not include the most moonbatty posters on the scene.

The anti-war movement ain't what it used to be:
In many ways, this is not your father's anti-war movement; but in others, it still very much is.

Internet technology has given even small and disparate anti-war elements the agility to organize and broadcast their message, and even their music. But activists also worry that point- and-click protest has dulled the urgency of takin' it to the streets.

Student involvement, which in many ways defined the anti-war movement during the Vietnam era, has been conspicuous by its relative absence. College kids are more plugged in than ever yet noticeably detached - a circumstance frequently ascribed to the lack of compelling self-interest the draft provided for a previous generation of campus activists.

Consequently, gray-haired protest veterans of Vietnam, nuclear and environmental campaigns dominate the core of today's anti-war movement - "retreads" is the term one longtime Boulder activist half-jokingly invokes.

The number of people at today's "Denver March to the Capitol" numbered approximately 300. A few St. Patrick's Day marchers also joined the protest later, and passing cars provided a redundant cacophony of horns, no doubt chiming in to support the signs calling for Bush's impeachment and an end to the war.

A few of the "sponsors":
Amnesty International, Bread and Roses, Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army, Communties United Against Police Brutality, The Green Party Colorado, International Action Center-Denver, International Socialist Organization, Muslim American Society- Freedom Foundation, PeaceJam, The Revolutionary Anti Imperialist Movement-Denver, Students For A Democratic Society, Veterans For Peace, Weekly Vigils To Impeach Bush, What About Us

"This is what democracy looks like!"

Shareef Aleem, a Ward Churchill sycophant recently acquitted of assault on an officer, calls for impeachment. The crowd's verdict? Guilty!

A view of the gathering protestors, with a monument in honor of Colorado's men and women who proudly served in the armed forces in the foreground.

Trying to drum up some honking horns as cars passed by.

The usual leftist propaganda tables. All on sale, of course.

I guess the Civil War and WWII don't count.

Witches, "Gasholes", and the ubiquitous anti-imperialism, anti-capitalist, anti-American platitudes.

The rally is set to start.

Bush--worse than Bin Laden?

A sign of spring--peace signs in full bloom.

Local Muslims lead the chant "This is what democracy looks like!"

It wouldn't be a protest without papier-mâché puppets, at least these take their inspiration from Picasso's "Guernica".

There weren't many Iraq War "veterans" against the war.

Who would Mohammed bomb?

So Allah doesn't like Mohammed?

The obligatory Palestinian flags, and local "copwatch" observers.

Rallying the passersby.

All good "sheeple" follow, according to the t-shirt.

PS--The only one not to make an appearance at today's "festivities" was Che Guevara. "Workers of the World" and other Communist claptrap did manage to show up--offering their wares for a small price.


Anonymous jwpaine said...

Great photos, and even better commentary. Thanks!

Sat Mar 17, 05:39:00 PM  
Anonymous Erk Wit said...

I've got to say, the "What would Jesus bomb?" followed by "What would Mohammed bomb?" made me spit milk through my nose. Keep up the good work!

A fellow Coloradoan,
Erk Wit

Sat Mar 17, 06:33:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find it fascinating that the chromosomal similarities these people all must share: dullard expressions, amorphous bodies, somewhat wild hair and grossly out of shape makes the perfect liberal anarchist. They're quite a boring and predictable lot.

Sat Mar 17, 10:19:00 PM  
Anonymous Anthony said...

Thanks for the coverage. I was about to head down there, but didn't think anything was going to actually happen. I figured it would be a waste of time. I wish I would have headed down, just to see that idiocy in person.

Sun Mar 18, 11:29:00 AM  
Anonymous wheels said...

Isn't the more apt question, "Who wouldn't Mohammed bomb?"

Glad I stayed away from downtown until later.

Sun Mar 18, 12:42:00 PM  

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