March 15, 2007

Marines Dissed By St. Patrick's Day Parade?

Dropped from the honorary group that leads the parade, and then relocated behind a bunch of llamas:
Denver's St. Patrick's Day Parade will have one fewer group marching in it this year.

The First Marine Division opted not to be in the parade after it was moved back nearly 50 spots in the parade lineup.

"We just felt that we kind of got slapped in the face," said Sgt. Max Brown from the First Marine Division.

The honorary group that usually leads the parade was cut down this year. The president of the parade committee said politics influenced the committee to put a limit on the group.

"The parade committee has been bombarded with too much politics and too many people trying to influence who gets to go first and who gets to be in the honorary division," said parade president Larry Lawler.
Since it is almost guaranteed that the contingent of Marines has been around longer than most of the other possible parade cohorts, longevity should have trumped politics in placing the Marines. Besides, many are older veterans who should not have to sit/stand around for hours waiting for the parade to kick off.

A parade blunder or political shaft? Sounds suspect.


Anonymous Gerry said...

It's sad that there's so many politics behind all these parades. And more and more people are getting excluded than being included. That's just not what St. Paddy's Day is about. But anyways, have a good one.

Thu Mar 15, 02:37:00 AM  

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