March 07, 2007

Colorado Political Roundup: No GOP Primary?--Rocky Mountain High As New State Song--The Felon Vote/"Joe Lieberman Clause"

Further speculation on a potential GOP primary between former Reps. Scott McInnis and Bob Schaffer for Sen. Wayne Allard's open seat--Schaffer likely to pass?

After the last two rough primaries, one of which involved Schaffer, Colorado's GOP certainly would prefer to avoid a damaging primary that creates division or produces campaign slogans easily coopted by the opposition ("Both Ways Bob" anyone?)

Yet another push to make John Denver's "Rocky Mountain High" the state's song. Good idea, and long overdue.

Colorado Democrats push for parolees to be allowed to vote (guess who's pursuing the felon constituency?) and preventing primary losers from running in the general election under a different party banner ("Joe Lieberman clause"). More on the felon vote:
Sen. Josh Penry, R-Fruita, fought unsuccessfully to kill a provision added by Senate Majority Leader Peter Groff to give felons on parole voting rights.

The Colorado Supreme Court ruled last year that parolees did not have the right to vote.

"When you look at moving people from prison to society, the more we can get them to be responsible, the less likely they are to go back in," Groff said.
Colorado Democrats--no agenda, just (union) business. And the felon vote. And no more of those Joe Lieberman-type defections.


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