March 26, 2007

Monday Link Sweep

The Colorado Index offers its daily Colorado GOP blogger roundup--check them out daily for the most comprehensive sweep in the state.

A new Colorado news digest, Face the State, makes its debut.

The (smoking) ban that won't die.

Ward Churchill: "Actually, I do have black ancestry." (video) Plans to add Asian, Polynesian, and a variety of other ethnicities are also apparently in the works. (update from comments--PirateBallerina was on this a week ago--they have the rest of Churchill's speech)

Tom Tancredo appears to be headed toward a legitimate Presidential run, having hired Bay Buchanan as an advisor, and will not be campaigning for CD-6 in 2008.


Anonymous jwpaine said...

Glad the Rocky finally got around to reporting on Churchill's alleged black ancestry. They're only a week behind PirateBallerina's report on it.

Mon Mar 26, 10:37:00 PM  

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