April 09, 2007

Getting Your Own Sitcom--So Easy, The Geico Cavemen Did It

For Cavemen, the time is now:
ABC has inked a deal that may look a lot like 30-minute weekly ads for an insurance company, ShowBuzz.com reported on Monday.

The cavemen featured in Berkshire Hathaway-owned GEICO car insurance commercials have a cult following. Comedian John Lehr told Newsweek magazine that he has been mobbed by paparazzi that want their own photos taken with him in caveman costume. He plays one of his cavemen in the wildly popular ads.

ShowBuzz.com reported that the creators of "Third Rock From the Sun" have signed a two-year deal with ABC to create a sitcom based on the cavemen. Bill Martin and Mike Schiff reportedly signed a seven-figure pact, which has an option for a third year. They also will develop new projects for ABC TV Studio.

Much like in the ads, the three cavemen will navigate regular modern life from their homes in Atlanta, ShowBuzz reported.
The hard part will be creating new material to stretch over the 20 or so minutes of a weekly sitcom. The snark was great for 30 second spots, but a whole season of caveman sarcasm?