April 10, 2007

Tuesday Link Sweep

--The Politics of Selective Outrage:
Selective outrage and political posturing are the twin juggernauts of the political play book that the left has masterfully employed in its prosecution of high crimes and misdemeanors in the court of political correctness.
. . .
If these periodic episodes advanced the cause of civic tolerance or our understanding of what generates them they might be excused as a justified if unsightly exercise. But they bring neither a cultural catharsis nor the desperately needed enlightenment necessary to inhibit future occurrences and, as such, are of no utility whatsoever.
--Illiterate voucher opponent threatens Colorado Senator's grandchildren:
nancy, we are going to take it out on your grandchildren (even the one from Darfur). we know where they live (we have contacts all over the country) and where they go to school.

you are worse than Andrews. cranberg must pay, but your grandchildren will pay first.

the edcation panthers
Mount Virtus calls the threat "despicable and criminal", we'd second that.

--Howard Dean hopes to resolve labor issues plaguing Denver's DNC (video):
Howard Dean says he expects controversy, but he believes that problems with unions, protestors and politics will be resolved before the 2008 Democratic National Convention is held in Denver.
. . .
In an interview with 9NEWS, Dean downplayed concern about the Pepsi Center being a non-union facility, which has been an issue with the labor community.

"There's going to be a little clash here and there, but at the end of the day, we expect the labor movement will get along very well with what's going on in Colorado," said Dean.
. . .
Dean is coming to Denver on Thursday for a rally and to start working out some of the labor problems.
Dean also believes that Colorado is fertile ground for Democratic expansion, based on the inroads the party has made in recent elections:
Both Democrats and Republicans say they are looking forward to the convention in Denver. The Democrats see it as an opportunity to win western states in the presidential race, while the Republicans say it is an opportunity to showcase their differences.

"We can win in the west, but we need to be out here," said Howard Dean, former governor of Vermont and current DNC chairman. "The way you spread ideas and have people get to know you, is to show up in town."
. . .
Western states have been moving toward Democratic candidates recently. Democrats currently occupy governorships from Canada to Mexico, including Colorado Governor Bill Ritter. Dean says it's a sign that the traditionally Republican West is no more.

"One of the biggest mistakes Republicans have made is they've written off people who disagree with them. We won't do that," he said.

Dick Wadhams runs the Colorado Republican Party and welcomes the convention. He says Colorado will clearly be able to see the differences in candidates come November 2008.

"The fact is a very liberal national political party, the Democratic Party, is coming to Denver, Colorado next summer," said Wadhams.

Dean says the differences between the East Coast Democrats and the Western Democrats is exaggerated, and the varying opinions of members show the party's diversity.
--"Business oversight" or excessive governmental regulation?

--12 suspected illegal immigrants stopped in van near Utah border

--(via Republican Princess)--go to google, select maps, select get directions, enter new york, new york and paris, france--then read #23 in the list of directions