April 11, 2007

Wednesday Link Sweep

--Via PirateBallerina: a grand total of two dozen Churchill sycophants managed to rouse themselves to rally at CU-Boulder today. Drunkablog confirms the paltry showing with excellent pictures of the signs the protestors carried--many of them actually spelled correctly! The students turned out to support their main man:
"The only complaints are politically motivated," said Aaron Smith, a CU senior ethnic studies major. "We're not going to stand idly by and let them fire one of CU's most distinguished professors."
More on this week's Churchillpalooza. Even liberals admit it was a poor showing:
A major problem with news outlets is pack journalism, he said. It is a waste to have dozens of reporters covering the same story. Tongue in cheek, Martin said that prior to the session he and Dodd had been outside covering a rag-tag rally in support of Ward Churchill.

"Fifteen sophomores and a bullhorn that didn't work," he said, does not warrant extensive coverage. "A gross mis-allocation of resources," he joked.
--The usefulness of generic polls this far out from 2008

--exvigilare describes the difficulty of playing "Taps"

--Ben DeGrow calls attention to the "Colorado Call To Action"

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper--the unpolitician runs for reelection in a "boring" race