April 15, 2007

Fisking Howard Dean's DNC Speech

--Dean should know his history; he mentions the "Cross of Gold" speech delivered by thrice-defeated Democrat William Jennings Bryan as coming from the 1908 Denver Democrat National Convention, when in fact Bryan made his comments a mere 12 years earlier in Chicago; perhaps the thought of yet another ignominious defeat clouds his memory

--Dean says Democrats won't be afraid to be in every single state this time around; however, Fox News is another matter

--Dems a party of "American values", works for everyone, not just rich Democrats Republicans

--"tough" but "smart" foreign policy, translation: cut and run

--change direction? RUN AWAY!

--mentions the deplorable Walter Reed fiasco, promises to make pathetic governmental agency not so bad, no doubt in anticipation of "universal health care" run by the same government bureaucrats

--calls for honest government, accountability; touts Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, shocked he didn't mention Sen. Diane Feinstein, continues GOP "culture of corruption" meme

--"restore America to its moral greatness" blather

Wow. A staggering, thought-provoking, galvanizing 4+ minutes! The mind boggles!


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