May 01, 2006

May Day In Denver

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Along with yours truly, Joshua Sharf at View From a Height and Mr Bob of The Daily Blogster will be covering Denver's events later today--check them out, they're worth the trip.
--More updates and pics throughout the day. . .updates will be posted below--
--post-rally update 3 PM, below

May Day In Denver II--Update overflow--New video VBlogging: May Day Protestors
Thoughts On Monday's Festivities--part rant, part stream of consciousness
Plus Immigration Photoshop Contest

Michelle Malkin has more of THE PICTURES YOU WON'T SEE

"A country without a border isn't a country."--Fmr. CO Gov. Dick Lamm

Hot Air has May Day: El Gran Boicot
NRO Postmodern “Rights” en Los Estados Unidos:

"We are here, therefore we have a right to the immigration status we desire."
3 AM Update--The stories are already rolling in!

1) Rallies provide preview--Ft. Collins marches offer advance look at today's activities

2) Playing by border rules--Immigrants who are non-Hispanic show slim interest in rally:

In the shade of an outdoor patio at the Cafe Africana on East Colfax Avenue, two immigrants - one from Ethiopia, the other from Sudan - grow animated as they talk about today's march.
The men, each in America about 20 years and each here legally, have limited empathy for the marchers.
"This country is based on immigrants," the Sudanese man said. "Of course I have some sympathy. I came through the same way."
The Ethiopian echoes that sympathy, but adds: "I respect the borders of this country."
He was puzzled to see earlier marchers carrying the Mexican flag.
"This is not Mexico," he said. "This is America."
Other non-Hispanic immigrant communities felt much the same way.

3) Rallies could play into hands of opponents--Some see protests generating backlash

4) HBO movie served as inspiration--includes a primer on "immigration rights movement symbology"

5) Employers differ on preparing for today

6) Job, school weighed vs. march

7) Unified message, diverse methods--Groups aim for effective rally:

Boycott or no boycott. American flags only or flags from all nations. A national message or one aimed at Colorado voters.
Local and national organizers of the immigration reform movement are taking a variety of approaches, but all agree they have the same goal: comprehensive immigration reform and human rights.--[trans.=Amnesty]
An economic boycott and massive rally planned for Monday to draw attention to the immigration debate and the role immigrants play in the economy is generating discussion about the most effective way for advocates to make their point.
Some groups support the work and economic boycott. Others support the economic but not the work and school boycott. And others are offering alternatives to the scheduled rally in Civic Center in the form of prayer services.
Organizers in Denver are discouraging the use of any flags other than American. Some activists, though, say flags of all stripes should be welcome.
3 PM Update

1) Slideshow-march and rally

2) 9NEWS story/video/pictures--more here

3) 7NEWS story/video/pictures

4) CBS4 story/video/video

5) RMN slideshow:

6) Slapstick Politics--exclusive photos:

Not immigrants, but indigenous!

Even if we wanted to go back, we would fly or sail.

Most clever sign of the day.

Note--watch the trend, as leftist/anti-war signs are carried by white liberals.

Another one.

Same here.

The other side of the last sign.

More activists "speaking truth to power"

"No taxation without legalization"--how about "no benefits without citizenship"

"Government oppressor, you are the invader!"

Che never wears out his welcome at these rallies. . .

A sea of "immigrant rights" protestors

Seems annoyed that his picture was taken.

A very unpopular man at this rally, forced to scurry across the street for reinforcements. . .Not a bad question to ask, though.

Another protestor more angry about the war, but at least manages to tie his poster in with the actual rally theme.

Immigration Comics
Dueling Immigration Rallies In Fort Collins
Legal Status, ¡Sí!, Assimilation, ¡No!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boycott Perdue Farms, Gallo Wines, Tyson Foods!

Mon May 01, 06:04:00 PM  
Anonymous Pilgrim said...

So....its mob rule now, after 230 years of representative government. Interesting. And...just to address the fact that so many of our little guests seem to think we're the invaders and that we stole this country....well, maybe we did. Just like THEY stole Mexico from the indigenous people they found when THEY arrived. OOPS! Just by the way, if the Mexican Army had been bigger, better and had won the Mexican American war anybody west of the Mississippi would now be part of Mexico. They lost. Sorry. Get over it.

Tue May 02, 11:29:00 AM  

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