April 28, 2006

Electoral College Under Attack Again

This time from the intellectual powerhouses currently in holding the Colorado Senate (from Mike Rosen's column):
In 2004, Colorado voters, by a 2-to-1 ratio, soundly defeated Amendment 36, a measure that would have broken with tradition to split our state's nine electoral votes on a proportional basis. This was a scheme concocted by Democrats hoping to salvage a few electoral votes in a state where George W. Bush was expected to win them all. Well, it's 2006, and they're b-a-a-c-k.

This time it's a frontal assault on the Electoral College in the form of Senate Bill 223, which recently passed by a vote of 20-15, with all 18 Democrats and 2 misguided Republicans out of 17 supporting it. The bill would pledge Colorado to cast all its Electoral College votes to whichever presidential candidate gets the most popular votes nationally, regardless of who gets the most votes in our state.

Colorado would be part of an interstate compact that would take effect when enough other states joined to constitute an Electoral College majority. In other words, Coloradans would sacrifice their own choice for president to the goal of circumventing the Electoral College. By this scheme, the Electoral College would be effectively neutralized and the president would be elected strictly on the basis of the national popular vote.

For example, let's say 70 percent of Coloradans in 2008 vote for John McCain, 5 percent for Ralph Nader, and 25 percent for Hillary Clinton. Hillary carries only 15 states, losing 35. But she racks up enough votes in New York, California and Illinois to give her a plurality of the total national popular vote. Consequently, the will of Coloradans is defied and our Electoral College votes are given to Hillary. The same thing happens to other states that joined this compact and Hillary becomes president.
Undisturbed by the failure of Amendment 36 and apparently unaware that in 2004 George W. Bush actually received the plurality of popular votes (therefore defeating John F. Kerry twice), the usual gang of idiots trots out yet another ploy to circumvent the Electoral College. Not to mention that with few exceptions the Electoral College has corresponded with the meaningless national popular vote, these activists in legislators' clothing refuse to tackle the subject directly. Knowing that a Constitutional amendment would never pass (too many small states vs. Texas, California, New York, et al.) they try the backdoor option, by committing the electoral votes of Colorado to whomever receives the--once more for clarity--meaningless popular vote. Had this plan been in effect in 2004, Bush would have been reelected easily (a nearly 3 million advantage in votes). Democrats and liberals know that the urban centers lean left, and would love to take advantage of that by favoring concentrations of populations in urban areas over "flyover" country--the rural, Southern and especially Western part of the United States.


Blogger mayorjimmy said...

how retarded would someone have to be to actually vote FOR tying the state electorial college to the results of a NATIONAL election?

Wed May 03, 11:24:00 AM  

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