April 28, 2006

Gearing Up For Monday's Rally

May 1 should be an eventful day here in Denver, as it no doubt will be across the country. Thousands plan on attending the rally, as in this report from CBS4 (video):
(CBS4) FORT COLLINS, Colo. The Latino community is gearing up for what could be the largest rally in Denver's history. About 50,000 people who oppose the recent immigration reform proposals are expected to miss work and school to rally at the steps of the capitol on May 1.

Jessica Sanchez, part of a mostly Hispanic housekeeping staff at the Hilton hotel in Fort Collins, said she's going to miss work to attend the rally.

"We're fighting for better rights, for everybody to be treated fairly, not like criminals," Sanchez said.

The hotel is like many businesses across Colorado, preparing to lose Hispanic employees on the day of the rally. Of the 30 employees in the hotel laundry room, 25 are Hispanic and all of them asked for Monday off.

"It's a good cause, they believe in it, they're passionate about it," said Ken Somday, the general manager of the Hilton.

He said with nearly half of his staff gone on Monday, managers will fill in for them.

"I'll be doing some rooms," Somday said. "I'll be working with my schedule. I'll be the executive housekeeper and we'll be cleaning rooms that day."
Enforcement of immigration laws begins with holding employers to account, no doubt something Mr. Somday would oppose. The article did not say how many of the staff were legally here, and if so, they would be more than within their rights to protest.

Meanwhile, others had their own rally Thursday, to cut off non-emergency state services to those here illegally (video):
DENVER -- Backers of a measure to block illegal immigrants from non-emergency government services gathered on the steps of the state Capitol Thursday afternoon to rally support for their cause.

The proposal to keep these services off-limits to illegal immigrants is being challenged in the state Supreme Court.

Nevertheless, the group Defend Colorado Now is going forward with a plan to collect signatures to let voters decide if there should be such a ban. About 150 people gathered at the Capitol to kick off the drive for 68,000 signatures -- the number of signatures needed to get the issue on the November ballot.

Former Gov. Dick Lamm was among the speakers at the rally. He blasted what he said are liberals who wanted open borders and businesses who want cheap labor.

"I believe this is a defining time in American history. Either we have a border or we don't have a border," Lamm said to loud applause. "A country without a border isn't a country."
That should be the quote for the opposition to illegal immigration, and a rallying cry. Find out more about Defend Colorado Now, and how to sign/distribute a petition. Holtzman's folks were out there, and shouts of "Tancredo!" punctuated the rally:
Ina Bailey, a retired teacher from Colorado Springs, attended the rally and plans to help collect signatures.

"I don't want to become the United States of Mexico," said the German immigrant.

Bailey criticized illegal immigrants because "instead of coming to this country and having a deep desire to be an American citizen and learn English and assimilate into this society, they don't want to assimilate. They want us to learn Spanish."
Michelle Malkin has some interesting links to LA school district internal documents, as well as letters to parents and employees on how to handle Monday's festivities. Also some race-baiting from La Voz de Aztlanand links to the "Star-Spanglish Banner".


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