April 27, 2006

More Global Warming Fearmongering

A wrapup of stuff from last weekend's "Earth Day" celebrations.

See why Laurie David is "terrified"--and why fear is a great motivator.

More "Global Warming" alarmism from the NYTimes.

And the "sin" and resultant "guilt" of driving an SUV:
To people who take the threat of global warming personally, driving a car that spews heat-trapping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere can be a guilt trip.

But to help atone for that environmental sin, some drivers are turning to groups on the Internet that offer pain-free ways to assuage their guilt while promoting clean energy.

It involves buying something known as a carbon offset: a relatively inexpensive way to stimulate the production of clean electricity. Just go to one of several carbon-offset Web sites, calculate the amount of carbon dioxide produced when you drive, fly or otherwise burn fossil fuels, and then buy an offset that pays for an equivalent amount of clean energy.

Of course, emissions could be reduced the old-fashioned way — by flying less, turning off the air-conditioning or buying a more fuel-efficient car. But that would probably require some sacrifice and perhaps even a change in lifestyle. Instead, carbon-offset programs allow individuals to skip the sacrifice and simply pay for the right to pollute.

"To some extent, it's a way for people to buy their way into heaven," said Chip Giller, who is president of Grist.org, an online environmental magazine. "On the other hand, this is such a big macro problem that this is one of the few things people can do to really make a difference."
RIGHT! Even if the goal was admirable (reducing carbon emissions so as not to exacerbate "global warming") the method is laughable. Like the indulgences that so enraged Martin Luther, this way of ameliorating one's guilt by "buying" cleaner alternatives is laughable, and nothing more than a product of instant gratification and the kind of self-loathing that the left/environmentalists bank on for support.


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