April 25, 2006

SHOCK: CU Tenure Procedures Imperfect

The full CU report released yesterday:
A much-anticipated independent study of tenure at the University of Colorado found dozens of areas that need fixing, from professors who got the lifetime job protection despite poor evaluations to post-tenure reviews that aren't rigorous enough.

The report released Monday lists 39 recommendations for change - suggestions that Mark Heckler, a CU provost, said would equal "a fairly substantial rewrite of how we do business."
CU's tenure procedures, under intense scrutiny after the Ward Churchill debacle last year, are released just ahead of Churchill's report due out in early May. Conspiracy theorists might suggest that the timing is less than coincidental, and that the overall findings, though imperfect, can be spun as nothing out of the ordinary. Certainly more fuel for Churchill and his mouthpiece, David Lane.


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