May 02, 2006

May Day In Denver II

First, local media:
9News--Rocky Mountain News (lots of video, audio, and photos)--Denver Post (video, audio, photos).

Tom Tancredo has A Day Without an Illegal Immigrant-An imaginary exercise.

Latino Issues has some important thoughts.

More updates to follow throughout the day.

From yesterday--May Day In Denver--Thoughts On Monday's Festivities


Anonymous Pilgrim said...

Have you ever done something that, at the time, seemed like a really, really good idea, then looked around later and said to yourself, maybe that wasn't so bright?

I have a feeling that the organizers of yesterday's "Day Without, Immigrants" may be feeling a touch of that today. It looks to me like their protest not only fizzled, with numbers far smaller than expected, but may have actually blown up in their faces.

Those organizers have missed something very important in American character. Americans are giving, caring people who can be complacent to the point of cultural suicide when it comes to tolerating other's points of view or way of life. BUT......when Americans find that, not only are the hands they reach out with being bitten, but the biters are demanding that they extend the OTHER hand so they can bite that, too, the resentment and then the backlash starts.

We're starting to see a backlash. They won't get what they want. Not now.

I liken Americans to a large dog sleeping complacently on a porch. He may lazily watch you pass or even growl but if you leave him alone, he won't bite. Poke him,especially if you go out of your way to poke him, and he will most definitely bite. Hard.

He just got poked. He'll bite, but how hard remains to be seen.

Then he'll go back on to sleep on the porch. Until next time.


Wed May 03, 10:22:00 AM  

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