April 10, 2006

Immigration Photoshop Contest

An original WWII poster:

The current immigration debacle has prompted rallies, counter-demonstrations, political grandstanding, and heated emotions on all sides, not to mention countless blog entries, thoughtful commentary, and the requisite bloviations and platitudes by the "undocumented" crowd. What better way to defuse the situation than having a Photoshop contest?

Send Photoshop submissions to tabascoii-at-gmail-dot-com.

Include name/alias, your blog name and address (for linkage purposes), and your photo/caption as a jpeg file.

We'll post entries as they come in--through Thursday, 10 pm MST (Denver). The top 10 submissions (announced Friday) will receive this button:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is not a civil right issue. I find this statement highly insulting in addition to the phrase, "they will do the jobs Americans will not". That is a blatant lie. When African Americans marched in the 60's they were all legal citizens fighting for their rights as citizens of this country. For many years the illegal alien issue has impacted the citizens of this country severely. I have seen many Americans, particularly the poor and disinfranchised lose their jobs, only to be replaced by illegal aliens. The people of New Orleans who were devastated by the loss of their homes and livelihood are scattered throughout the United States, while illegal aliens are paid to rebuild a city they more than likely will not be able to return to. We need to wake up, contact our legislators and tell them, no more. Vote against any bill giving illegal aliens a free pass. The 14th Amendment was written for the children of freed slaves, not for illegal aliens, who come to this country, have a baby on this side of the border, only to obtain U.S. citizenship; while the country of Mexico has a postage stamp that depicts a black sambo. How hypocritical. My solution is passing a law granting all legal citizens of this country the right to work before any foreigner, legal or otherwise. Return them to their country of origin. I promise you the country will not fall apart, many American Citizens will be able to get their jobs back, and the employers will be forced to pay a decent wage. This is all about cheap labor.

Mon Apr 10, 07:19:00 PM  

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