April 10, 2006

Shaw Heights Ban Retraction

On Friday, though the ban on patriotic clothing had been lifted, students and supporters waved the American flag and showed their opposition to similar bans, despite the rather miserable morning weather:
WESTMINSTER - People gathered in the rain Friday morning to wave Old Glory, hand out American-flag T-shirts to students and cheer the lifting of a ban on certain types of clothing at Shaw Heights Middle School.

Most of the students accepted the free T-shirts, but some Hispanic students declined, saying they feared they'd be the targets of overly exuberant patriotism.

George Straface, superintendent of the Adams County 50 School District, said the six students suspended while the ban was in effect will be dealt with in two different ways. Those suspended for taunting others will keep the incident on their records. But those suspended for wearing banned clothing will have their suspensions erased.


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