February 05, 2008

Colorado Caucus: Colorado Conservative Bloggers Pick GOP Favorites For Super Tuesday

Poring over my fellow Colorado conservatives' blogs these past few weeks, I pulled together a rough list of their picks for the GOP nomination in no particular order (if you would like to add your endorsement to this list, leave a comment and link below):

The Daily Blogster--"Go Mitt!"

Clay Calhoun--"If the GWOT is the #1 issue, and I believe it is, then McCain is who I want leading the charge"

The New Conservative--Huckabee or McCain, anyone but that sleazy Romney

Best Destiny--"I will be enthusiastically caucusing for Mitt Romney on Tuesday night"

Ben DeGrow--Mitt for President

ThinkingRight--"Mitt Romney is the only clear conservative candidate"

The Drum and Cannon--"It is time for conservative Republicans to bury our differences and let our voices be heard, loud and clear. It is time to come together and support Mitt Romney for President of the United States"

Rossputin--"If John McCain is the GOP nominee, I'll vote Libertarian"

ClearCommentary--"There's much about McCain we don't like, but if he's our fate, let's sharpen him to a razor's edge and prepare for November"

The Colorado Index--(no official endorsement) "The conservatives who are always in search of the perfect conservative candidate with the threat that they will sit on their hands if he doesn't materialize have handed us Ken Salazar and Bill Ritter"

FWIW, here's how the SP GOP poll turned out:

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