January 31, 2008

Colorado Buried In Avalanche Of Political Visits: Obama, Hillary, Romney, And Even Bush

In no particular order:

Chelsea Clinton campaigned for her mother at CU-Boulder early Thursday, touting Hillary's "more visionary" (more costly and totalitarian?) platform. Oh, and for those still sitting on the fence, Chelsea says her mom bakes "killer" banana bread.

That doesn't seem to be enough for the 18000+ favoring Barack Obama, including those who attended Obama's rally yesterday at DU (video). Not much more than the usual "excitement" and "change" platitudes. Audio and transcript of Obama's speech:
It is time for a new generation of leadership because the old politics just won't do. I am running for president right now because I have met Americans all across this country that cannot afford to wait another day. They understand what Dr. King meant when he said that we had to recognize the "fierce urgency of now." That is why the real choice in this campaign is not between regions, or religions, or genders. It is not about rich versus poor, young versus old, it's certainly not about black versus white. It is about the past versus the future.
Obama--all talk, no substance. Beware candidates whose appeal is primarily emotional.

Mitt Romney will be in Thornton tomorrow:
The Republican presidential hopeful has scheduled a "Change Begins With Us" stop at Freeway Ford, 4471 East Evans Ave. The hourlong event starts at 2 p.m.
Ron Paul will be at the Colorado Convention Center from 6-8pm, you can just follow the Ronulans (the ones with the tinfoil hats).

President Bush, in a fundraising visit for Senate candidate Bob Schaffer, stopped to meet and praise Jeanne Assam, who brought to a halt the fatal shootings at Christian centers last December.

This will probably represent the high point of attention for Colorado's voters until after the conventions.

Now with the caucus just a few days away, here are some of the thoughts of other conservative bloggers:

Joshua Sharf:
When you've been running for President for over four years, if you run out of money, money wasn't your problem.
He has more on the coming smears of John McCain should he be the GOP nominee, and his inability to deal with an unfavorable press.

Ben DeGrow asks, "have too many conservatives in the party gone mad?"

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