January 24, 2008

Colorado House Votes 62-1 To Censure Bruce

**Update: "Representative Bruce, you're not Jimmy Stewart, this is not a 1939 movie. This is today. Your actions were wrong"--Rep. Al White (R-Hayden)

"I categorically state I did not violate the order and decorum of the House"--Douglas Bruce, who issued a statement (pdf) following today's censure vote

Douglas Bruce, appropriately kicked to the curb by his peers:
The Colorado House voted 62-1 today to censure Rep. Douglas Bruce for kicking a Rocky photographer on the House floor last week.

Bruce stood on the side of the chamber, not in the well as could have been required, as the censure was read aloud this morning.

The censure rebuked him for violating the House decorum and "ordinary standards of decency," by using physical force against Javier Manzano as the photographer crouched before the standing Bruce during the ceremonial morning prayer.

It was the first censure in the 131-year history of the Colorado legislature.

"We need to lead by example," said Rep. Steve King, R-Grand Junction, co-chair of the committee that recommended censure.

"Violence can not be tolerated in this house."
Bruce was unfazed by his colleagues' decision and remained defiant:
Bruce remained unrepentant, blaming Manzano for provoking his "nudge" by refusing to heed the lawmaker's demand not to photograph him during the prayer.

"This resolution is the real overreaction to the nudge of a unruly photographer ... who broke his promise that he would not interrupt my participation in the prayer."
According to Bruce, first it was a "tap", now just a "nudge".

Exit question: what will Bruce do for an encore?

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