October 29, 2007

Peace Rally In Denver; Moonbats At The World Series

This past Saturday I joined Drunkablog at the state capitol (excellent pictures at the link--including more Mercedes owners for peace) to soak in more liberal moonbattery and here are some highlights of the anti-war shindig (and hey, they managed to attract more than a couple dozen this time!):

Some video captured by the moonbats:

Photos from the rally (scroll for moonbat pics from World Series Game 3 at Coors Field):

Ron Paul's supporters seem to be everywhere these days

Flags of fury

Continuing the non-viable candidate theme, there was a smattering of Kucinich supporters as well

Democrats were under attack

Some moonbat anti-war profiteering

I'm sure every rally participant walked or biked to the event

That's so 2002!

Ward Churchill makes a literary appearance

Follow the incoherence, Democrats!

I'm sure they'd love us back . . . just like 9/11!

Everyone's a fascist according to the totalitarian moonbats

Progressivism isn't healthy, or hygienic

Some brave souls who wouldn't let the moonbats go unanswered

Denver was the center of the baseball universe this weekend, and the moonbats are like moths to the flame wherever cameras are found

Boston's sweep was an inside job!

The Paulians were at Coors Field for all the postseason games

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