October 24, 2007

Rocktober 2007 World Series Edition--Predictions

First, FWIW, the "expert" predictions from Sports Illustrated.com (7 of 11 for the Boston Red Sox) and ESPN.com (8 of 10 for the Sox). But ESPN's Jayson Stark and six scouts aren't so easily persuaded by the AL's representative team, and argues effectively for the Colorado Rockies in 6 games:
1. They're the real team of destiny
2. That eight-day layoff was overrated
3. The Rockies have the real home-field advantage
4. No fear of Fenway
5. Lean to the left
No one envisions a sweep by either team, despite the "momentum" each carries into the series. A six game battle seems about right, and a Game 7 isn't that farfetched either.

So, Rockies in 6--unless they get a split in Boston, in which case the Rockies could wrap it up in 5.

More from yesterday's ticket frenzy--so close and yet so far.

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