October 22, 2007

Diane Carman's Parting Shot--Love A Democrat, Because They Are More Diverse

Liberal Denver Post columnist Diane Carman has some parting words for her fellow Coloradans as she moves to a position at CU-Denver's School of Public Affairs, and can't help but take a swipe at the state's conservative majority:
Next, learn to love a Democrat.

This is easier than it looks because unlike Republicans, they come in an array of colors, sizes, net worths, sexual orientations and attitudes. There's got to be one among the thousands who will be visiting Denver next summer whom you can tolerate, even if you've been living in Delta all your life and have never seen one before.

Here's a tip for those of you in El Paso County: Don't approach them with your handguns drawn. It leaves the wrong impression.
Not unlike the rest of liberal elites in the MSM, Carman paints in uninformed, broad strokes of stereotypical generalizations--all Republicans must be WASPs, male, heterosexual and wealthy. If anything, Colorado's GOP/conservative constituency is anything but ideologically unified, and no, not all Republicans own guns or have conceal-carry permits.

Note to Carman--you get real (and do some factchecking, fer chrissakes!). Transferring from the rarefied confines of the MSM to the ivory tower of academia doesn't exactly represent much of a stretch ideologically or professionally, does it Diane?

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