October 16, 2007

Around The Drunkablog/PirateBallerina Axis; Columbus Day Update

The jackbooted thugs are wading through Ward's waste so you don't have to--Drunka takes on the (Stanley Fish) Fishman's analysis of Indoctrinate U and the politicization of academic "fields" like ethnic or gender studies, and strongly advises against listening to Ward's most recent bloviations "interview" (you know you want to!).

And in the second-half of the Wardo-related double feature, Drunka analyzes the still impending charges against CU instructor Benjamin Whitmer, in what PB appropriately dubs the "genocide of Benjie Whitmer's hand". PB also updates on Ward's Canadian adventures.

Thankfully the Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement-Denver finally saw fit to update their own site and provide the "correct" version of events at Denver's Columbus Day Parade. They did manage to make use of the video provided by "some idiot white trash racist blogger", and though they failed to provide a link, I'm sure the crushing blow of traffic from their site would have overwhelmed the tiny servers at Google.

They did manage to post this photo:

The revolutionary moonbats touted their aggressive efforts on behalf of the imperially oppressed:
After the parade, the marchers went to the City and County building to await word on their comrades arrested earlier. While gathered there, a number of people took down the Amerikan flag flying above and turned it upside down and secured it in its new position with a lock. It was flying that way for hours.
This flagrant abuse of our nation's flag lasted less than a day. So much for the revolution . . .

But this really wasn't about KKKolumbus Day:
The celebration of Kolumbus Day is one symptom of Amerikan imperialism, and the only way to end Kolumbus Day is to end Amerika.
Based on RAIM-D's stellar efforts so far, the United States will certainly be around long after your moonbat kkkorpses (see, we can use K's too!) have been carbon-neutrally recycled into earth-saving and population decreasing KKKompost.

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