October 11, 2007

Midweek Columbus Day Parade Catchup

So let's see, on the Columbus Day front--lawsuits against the city of Denver from arrested protestors at the Columbus Day parade (h/t PirateBallerina); did Glenn and Glenn (Morris and Spagnuolo) lie to the police about their address?; Drunkablog notes the mysterious disappearance of post alleging Columbus Day police brutality; more allegations of excessive force; the protestors' lawyer is citing international law in defense of his clients:
An attorney for protesters who were arrested after blocking the Columbus Day parade last weekend said he will defend his clients on the basis of international law.

"We will file motions before the trial saying that international law and free speech are above any . . . (city) ordinance," Denver attorney Walter Gerash, a longtime defender of protest groups, said Wednesday.

But an organizer of the parade said the protesters violated the rights of those trying to celebrate Columbus Day.

"We have a right to be on that street. We went through the legal process of getting the permit," said Anna Vann, of Denver.

Denver police arrested 81 to 83 protesters - the count varies - during an annual ritual in which opponents try to block the parade.

Most of the protesters were charged with disrupting a public assembly, a misdemeanor. Some also received additional charges, such as resisting arrest.

The maximum penalty on the disruption charge is 90 days, Gerash said.

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