October 06, 2007

Columbus Day Photos

More photos to follow, but here is the first batch:

Leftovers from Ward Churchill's private goon squad

A common theme among protest signs

A mainstay of recent Columbus Day protests in Denver

There were at least 40 "legal observers" milling around, easily identified by their green hats

Ad hoc "street medics" reminded arrested protesters to "breathe deeply"

A moonbat staff photographer--what, no kaffiyeh?

Many moonbats . . .

A sea of signs

Protesting the legality of the permits issued to the Columbus Day Parade

To deal with the protestors, police in riot gear prepared for confrontation

There was no violence, but plenty of fake blood and street theater

Arrested moonbats celebrated their "stand"

Anarchists' heroes

A few brave Italians looked on as protestors were arrested

"When tyranny is law, revolution is order"

The first round of arrests concluded, Russell Means moves up to confront the stalled parade a few hundred feet away

Trying to keep the moonbats on the sidewalk was no easy task

Che/Chican@ Power

The bird was everywhere

The Statue of Liberty gazes at hecklers

What would a moonbat protest be without Workers World?

Moonbat unmasks after a difficult hour of protesting and takes a break to study Workers World

Hey, that rhymes!

The protestors delayed the parade and got themselves arrested but to little effect

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