October 02, 2007

Gore's Global Warming Travelling Salvation Show Arrives In Denver

Sean Hannity exposed Al Gore's hypocrisy (video) and other 'Gulf Stream liberals". Tim Blair debunks another of the Goreacle's myths.

PETA will be there tonight to challenge Al Gore's sainthood credentials but from a vastly different angle:
“You just cannot be a meat-eating environmentalist”.

What a protest! PETA managed one truck (didn't look like a hybrid/alternative fuel/electric vehicle!) with lit signage:

Protesting global warming and the consumption that fosters it by renting a truck--yeah, that's moonbat logic.

Meanwhile the self-righteous make their way towards the theater, undoubtedly seeking the psychic reassurance promised in Gore's absolution--after parking their SUVs, of course:

Tickets could still be had for the less-than-sold-out event.

Denver Water made use of Gore's presence to tout its "Use only what you need" program:

Mascot on the run:

This is what passes for "activism" these days. Want to end global warming? Attend a powerpoint presentation given by a hypocritical "Gulf Stream liberal".

Opposed to eating meat because it causes global warming? Rent a truck.

At least the running toilet was amusing. It is hard for anyone else, however, to take these issues as seriously as the moonbat "activists" insist when they themselves seek nothing better than indulgences from the high priest of global warming hype, or pawn off protesting to some guy driving a rented truck.


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