August 13, 2007

Troubling Signs Appearing In Denver

From, click to enlarge., a promotion by Denver Water to reduce water consumption, promotes a water conservation pledge that sounds a little extreme--among other sacrifices, the personal pledge includes the following: "I pledge to gently nudge my neighbor toward my conservation ways, and if that doesn't work, I pledge to weld his faucet shut."

I'm sure it was meant as tongue-in-cheek, but when it comes to the use of social pressure to enforce the current fad of global warming/climate change, the humorous "pledge" sounds more like forced indoctrination. It is not that difficult to make the logical step toward informing on one's neighbor for minor infractions, and given the sometimes hostile relationships that everyone has with a neighbor (these hostilities seem inevitable, and are usually of the pettiest nature), punitive retribution seems likely. One only has to gaze around certain neighborhoods in Denver (these signs are quite prominent in the area around the old Elitch's) to note the ubiquitousness and the intent of such social pressure. "Look at me! I conserve!" and the necessary corollary--"I'm watching you!"

Can you imagine if such a pledge was made for flying the flag? Considering the types of moonbats likely to take up this cause, we find the "use only what you need" pledge very disconcerting.

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