August 08, 2007

Burned Flag Left Outside Home In Longmont, Colorado; Homeowners Believe They Were Targeted For Patriotism And Military Service

The charred remains of the American flag left burning outside a Longmont home.

No doubt left by your friendly, neighborhood moonbat
A Longmont couple awoke to find the charred remains of a burned American flag on the sidewalk in front of their home Tuesday morning.

"I was just appalled," said Brenda Bourgeois who lives in the home with her husband.
. . .
Larry Bourgeois spent 4 years in the United States Marine Corps and has several patriotic items displayed around his home and car.

"We never display anything that's confrontational or that's in your face, we're proud to be Americans and I was proud to be in the Marine Corps," Larry Bourgeois said.

The couple says they've felt some hostility toward the military in the past, and believe the burned flag is meant to send a message.

"Regardless if you agree with the war or not, someone is laying down their life for me, and you," Brenda Bourgeois said.

For now, Longmont police say there isn't evidence to show this was a bias motivated crime, or hate crime.

A police spokesperson also told 7NEWS since the flag didn't belong to the couple, or endanger their property, there's not a lot police can do except file a report.
. . .
"Anytime somebody comes in the middle of the darkness of night to start a fire in your front yard, maybe next time it's your house," Bourgeois said.
Just like attacking SUVs, or destroying the property of those opposing illegal immigration shows no bias. Moonbats are motivated entirely by their hatred of the things they oppose--patriotism, capitalism, religion, etc. and manifest their emotions through violence and destruction--all the while claiming they are the peaceful side.

If torching a flag outside the home of a veteran doesn't constitute a crime--or carry at least a hint of intimidation--then what is next?

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