August 05, 2007

Around The Colorado Blogosphere 080407

The Daily Blogster has an update on his deployment, reiterates his sense of duty, explains life at sea, and could some words of encouragement from all of us--go leave some supporting comments!

Best Destiny has an update on adult stem cell advances, and a good way of evaluating Colorado's CSAP scores.

Even with Ward Churchill's departure, CU is still full of radicals.

Ruh-roh--the leftist moonbats at ProgressNow are not happy with the Salazar brothers!
John and Ken need to be given a serious dose of corporeal punishment for their capitulation to the fear mongering, power mad president who believes he is a king. How do the Salazar brothers act when it comes to protecting the Constitution of the United States and Bill of Rights? Just like the Blood King Bush treats the Constitution as a "goddamn piece of paper".

There can be no other reason when they both vote for gutting the Fourth Amendment and giving a freehand to a lying president to spy on anyone in America without any judicial oversight.
. . .
Both of them need to see that their donors will not put up with "yes" men to a president that believes Congress and the Courts are there to serve his whims.

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