August 08, 2007

Denver PD Calls For Help For 2008 DNC

Why does the city need any additional officers if the planned protests are supposed to peaceful? (sarcasm off):
Denver won't have enough cops of its own to police the 2008 Democratic National Convention, so Chief Gerry Whitman has called on suburban police departments to help carry the load.

In a recent letter, Whitman asked various metro area police chiefs to pledge forces for the convention next August, Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson confirmed Tuesday.
. . .
Denver police declined to release a copy of the letter or to discuss convention security plans.

"We won't talk a lot about what our resources are," Jackson said. "That's not good, to let the bad guys know."
Glenn Spagnuolo and the Recreate68 crowd aren't gonna be happy known as the "bad guys".

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