August 05, 2007

Progressive Bloggers Aim To Destroy Journalistic Objectivity, Replace With "Fairness"

"Fairness" to left-leaning moonbattery, other "progressive" causes:
From one of the panels at YearlyKos, Colorado Confidential's Cara DeGette and Minnesota Monitor's Abdi Aynte declared traditional media's "obsession with objectivity" a thing of the past.

"The model of mainstream journalists is and should be dead," DeGette told the audience. "There is a right and there is a wrong, and the new journalism needs to address that."

"Should we be obsessed with objectivity?" Aynte asked. "We should be obsessed with fairness."
New Journalism--code word for old journalism without the pretense to "objectivity" which the new leftist bloggers deem inadequate, outmoded, and frankly, dishonest (insofar as the MSM states it as a goal and never actually bothers trying to achieve it). Why lie? Advocacy ranting is so much more preferable to reporting the facts and letting a discerning public decide for themselves. Can't have the unwashed masses thinking for themselves, now, can we?

A mild chastisement of the new journalistic ethic seems to have no deterrent effect on the moonbats:
But reporting from an activist perspective, particularly when the reporter also engages in political activity, can bring credibility problems, said journalism ethics expert Robert Steele of the Poynter Institute, an educational organization revered by mainstream media.

Journalists who report with a clear bias "undermine the principle of independence," Steele said in a phone interview. And if the reporting crosses over into activism, he said, the result "can easily lead to competing loyalties, and competing loyalties lead to compromised reporting."

Norris said it is the mainstream media that often report from a bias and, in doing so, are missing important stories outside their normal areas of coverage. From her perspective, groups like Colorado Confidential can force traditional journalists to look at some of these issues.

"There are things you can do to actually move the media to cover things in your local area," she said from a panel titled "Blogs and Journalism: The New News?"

"You can make such an impact on what's going on in your community," she said. "It's amazing what you can do as a local blogger."
Masquerading as the new breed of journalist/blogger, these "progressives" are so far to the left that the MSM appears too conservative. Any quote from a Republican or right-winger sends them into a fit of apoplectic rage that induces yet another claim of conservative bias in the already too-far-left MSM.

Nice to see the fellows at Colorado Confidential--supported by mad blog money from liberal "foundations" (labeled as a "small stipend from the Center for Independent Media")--featured so prominently at the YearlyKook YearlyKos convention.

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