October 01, 2007

Colorado Rockies Extra Innings--Update Rockies Win!!!

9-8! Rockies Win!!!

The best argument for instant replay could be found in tonight's NL Wild Card tiebreaker game.

For the Rockies, the game should have been over in 9, with Garrett Atkins' home run ruled a double.

For the Padres, the call at the plate would have been scrutinized.

Baseball is an "inexact" game, but in situations where post-season berths or playoff series are on the line, they should perhaps consider a home run/foul ball/call at the plate system.

Oh holy lord!

13th inning--oh crap! 8-6 Padres.

12th inning--nothing.

11th inning--nothing.

10th inning--nothing.

Game 163. Extra innings.

Two words: Instant. Replay.

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