October 15, 2007

Rocktoberfest 2007: Go Rockies!

Rockies take Game 1 of NLCS, 5-1; Game 2 3-2 in 11!
NLCS prediction: Rockies over D'Backs in 6 4!

Open thread . . .

The Daily Blogster points out the disrespect for the Rockies (and Fly Over Country) from ESPN.

On winning:
"There's what -- a thousand ways to skin a cat? I'm sure there are tons more ways we can figure out to win a game," said Ryan Spilborghs, the latest in the Rockies' never-ending supply of daily heroes. "We're still waiting for a guy to throw a ball in the stands or something. And if they've got Hail Marys in baseball, we'll take one of those, too."
. . .
So here these Rockies are now, 19-1. And that just isn't possible. Is it? Not this time of year. Well, not to a baseball team, anyway. Let's try to give you some historical perspective on how insane this is:

These Rockies have now become the first team in history to find itself in the middle of any postseason, riding a 19-1 streak that dates back into the regular season. The '27 Yankees never did that. The '36 Yankees never did that. The Big Red Machine never did that. The only team that even came close was the 1970 Orioles. But they never made it past 18-1 -- in part because they won the World Series before they got that chance.

These Rockies have also become the first National League team in 30 years, and only the second in the last 44 years, to run off a 19-1 streak at any time of any year. Last to do it: the 1977 Phillies.

But that's not all. These Rockies are now the first team in 30 years, the first National League team in 72 years and the fourth team ever to win 19 of 20 after Sept. 1. Last to do it in the NL, according to the Elias Sports Bureau: the 1935 Cubs. Last to do it, period: the 1977 Royals -- a team that called up a prospect named Clint Hurdle in the middle of that streak. The only other team in that late-season 19-1 Club: John McGraw's 1916 New York Giants.

How hot are the Rockies? Only 1 other NL team has gone 18-1 at any point in the season in the last 30 years. That team? The World Series champions--1986 Mets.

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