October 12, 2007

Division Of Wildlife Makes Right Call In Cougar Shooting

Despite moonbat calls to the contrary, there will be no charges:
The Colorado Division of Wildlife will not file charges against a man who shot and killed a mountain lion that he said was attacking his puppy early Oct. 5, spokeswoman Jennifer Churchill said Thursday.

Officials found that Jeremy Kocar, 31, "acted to prevent injury to human life," Churchill said.

"We do believe the gentleman was acting in the interest of his personal safety, and that's why we are not going to be filing charges," she said.
Thankfully this Churchill has better sense than the more infamous Churchill from Boulder.

Jeralyn Merritt at Elevated Voices
(writing before this decision) would agree:
The man chose to kill one animal to save another that belonged to him and his family. It was an unfortunate accident. The fact that it could have been prevented had he been more familiar with Colorado laws or customs regarding wildlife doesn’t mean he should be charged with a crime. It means we need to do a better job of educating people about living in places where wildlife roam.

Investigators will be deciding whether to charge Kochar with various crimes in the next several days. I think we need to stop turning to the criminal justice system as a means of solving every societal issue, particularly those like this one that result from simple negligence without criminal intent.
Exactly. Unfortunately moonbats believe that the punitive and retributive forces of the government should always be used for "reeducating" society (though not if conservatives are holding power).

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