October 25, 2007

Around The Blogosphere 102407

Check out Schaffer v Udall for all the latest in the race for Colorado's open Senate seat

A combination of marketing homework and Colorado Rockies bummed out-ness is keeping me from my appointed rounds, so here is a little from some of the other Colorado blogs not drowning in purple martinis tonight:

Drunkablog (nice work!) obtained the case report for the ejection incident at Ward Churchill's return to "unsanctioned" teaching earlier this month at CU.

Drunka also notes a vomit-inducing new Westword profile of teh Glenns--Spagnuolo and Morris--of Churchill, AIM, Columbus Day and Recreate 68! infamy.

Best Destiny has a good piece on education expectations and reform.

On the other side of the aisle, Jared Polis grumbles about the "establishment", "insider" Democrats in Washington, D.C. ignoring his campaign:
You would never know that Democrats held strong values if you look at what comes out of the insular DC insiders. We are the party of values; let's start living them and celebrate dissent and diversity.
At least he got the first part right, though I'm not sure you could find any Democrat with "strong values" other than winning-at-all-costs, anti-American moonbattery.

David Sirota has a lucid moment and refutes (with accuracy) the Hillary Clinton campaign's claim that Bill Clinton's ability to tilt some states in the West could be recaptured by her presidential bid by noting the effect third-party candidate Ross Perot had on George H.W. Bush's reelection bid.

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