October 25, 2007

Boston Massacre Threatens Rocktober

As the Rocky Mountain News quips, the only "external malicious attack" Wednesday night was administered by the Boston Red Sox.

And as for the lopsided loss, the previous record 11 run record came in 1996, when the Atlanta Braves smashed the New York Yankees 12-1 in Game 1, won Game 2, and then surrendered 4 straight to the Yanks and lost the World Series.

World Series appearance and magical (now over) win streak aside, the Colorado Rockies were nothing if not a resilient team. They managed a 1-9 road trip at the end of June that threatened not only their season goals, but also dropped them under .500 and saw their star closer Brian Fuentes relieved of his duties. In spite of all this, the plucky team put together a NL-best record down the stretch, losing three games in a row only once, right before their MLB-best 11 game win streak.

The other shoe, as they say, finally dropped--and perhaps a good ol' fashioned whupping will reignite the Rockies.

They had a power outage in Game 1, but the lights should be back on tonight.

Besides, I picked them in 6, and suggested that a split would be the best they could shoot for, so this wasn't that bad.

Let's hope and pray there is no repeat!

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