May 20, 2007

My jaw hurts just thinking about this:

According to

Oy vey. Tania Derveaux, the leading NEE party senate candidate in Belgium, is offering to give away blow jobs. 40,000 of them, to be exact. Apparently this all started as a joke when in response to an opposing party's claims of offering "new job opportunities in ridiculous amounts", Tania posed naked in a parody campaign, promising voters 40,000 *jobs*. Due to "popular demand", Tania is going to make a "political protest" by sucking it up, taking a 500 day to tour around the world, and giving 40,000 blow jobs. (That's 80 blow jobs a day, if you were wondering.)

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I don't see anything wrong with this. When I ran for class president I gave out hand jobs in return for votes. Not only that, girls got them too...and our school mascot...and the cafeteria lady...and the creepy guy who cleaned the toilets. Hey, I don't discrimiate, peoples.

*sigh* It's so hard being a lady of pure class. But you do know, you can't spell "class" without "ass."