May 16, 2007

Newsflash; The enemy lies!!

In the wake of the second Republican debate, and the Losertarian Ron Paul's comments about believing Bin Laden's reasons for attacking us,  I thought I'd let everyone in on a little secret....the enemy lies!  I know that may come as a surprise to Ron Paul and of course liberals out there who believe the cries of "torture" but  it's true....they stretch the truth just a bit.  If we got out of the middle east and stopped supporting Israel, they'd still plot to kill us, they lie. They live in a culture of death, we live in a culture of freedom and life, so does Israel, nothing would change. To illustrate the lying liars lie theory, let me demonstrate;
Majid Khan, a native of Pakistan whose family lives in Baltimore, Md and the 13th “high-value” detainee at Guantanamo Bay to receive a combatant status has filed a suit saying he's been tortured at Club Gitmo.
Evidence linked Khan to Lyman Faris, also imprisoned for providing material support and resources to al Qaeda, as well as conspiracy for providing al Qaeda information about possible U.S. targets. Faris was convicted in May 2003 and sentenced to 20 years in prison. The evidence also revealed Khan was involved in transporting people across the Afghanistan-Pakistan border and had expressed a desire to assassinate Pakistan President Pervez Musharaff by detonating a suicide vest.
Now enters the cries of torture, the letters to the ACLU and the phone calls to Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean and Harry Reid accusing US troops of torture are 99.9999% bogus. I have quite a few coworkers who have worked at Gitmo...there is no torture happening there. We go out of our way to accommodate them, but if they are nasty to us we might make them a little uncomfortable, but not much. Interrogation techniques that stress the individual actually do not work that well. I like to fantasize about Jack Bauer putting a bullet in their leg to get them to give information, but that is not how it works.
Khan submitted a “statement of torture” at the tribunal, claiming he was mentally tortured during his detainment. Among his complaints were that he and other detainees were given low-quality soap and other toiletries, noisy fans and deflated balls for recreation that hardly bounced.

He said he protested by refusing to eat or drink, and complained that his captors responded by force-feeding intravenously. Khan said he also protested by chewing through one of his own arteries.
So apparently saving his life and providing shoddy exercise equipment and soap is torture? I am sure that if Harry Reid were in charge any Army grunt that gave a prisoner a deflated exercise ball would be tried for torture, but the rest of us are pretty aware that straws and grasping at them is where the enemy is right now.... Pretty much anyone at the debate last night would be a thousand miles better than any Democrat currently running for President....or just running their mouth.
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