May 13, 2007

Training for Eternity, the Chaplain's Blog

The chaplain's headed home after a long tour. If you've never checked him out you should. His writing really captures the hearts of soldiers and you can tell he has been forever changed by being among them.  It is actually difficult for me to comment on his writing because I find it hard to add anything to.   Here are a few excerpts, from recent posts.

I and a small bevy of my soldiers are merely hitchhikers trying to get back to the US. We are seat fillers. And as I sit and look around I don't think I should be on this plane. I don't belong. Frankly, I don't deserve to be among those who I find myself among. Why? Perspective. On this flight, before we even lifted into the air, my attention has been violently ripped from my mental mirror and I have been made to look beyond myself. That violence was done to my ego by a couple dozen heroes. Two of them in particular. Brent and Sean. See, this is a Medevac flight.


Brent is strapped to a stretcher near the rear of the plane. Last on, First off. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many wires attached to one person. Brent has oxygen tubes in his nose and two IV bags hanging at either end of his stretcher. His head has recently been shaved and he has a very large bandage in nearly the center of his forehead. Here is a tube running into the hole in the front of his head .....READ THE REST
No one wants to die. But it happens. It is up to the American people to allow the American Warrior to die with honor. We can and should mourn at the loss of one of our own. But that loss should cause us to stand and beat our chests with patriotic pride, glad to live in a country worth fighting for.

If folks could gain even a cursory understanding of the ethos of the warriors that stand and fight in the gap for the freedom of fellow citizens they will never meet, I think much of our national angst would be replace with national pride. Chaplain Lewis 3:11 PM ......READ THE REST

Hat tip Hugh Hewitt

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