May 15, 2007

Iraq's Dhi Qar Province Enjoying Freedom

The Daily Blogster is commited to posting news (both national and Colorado local) that gets ignored by the Main Stream Media because their anti-Republican agenda. This news is not hard to find, just hard to find if you are only watching Television or reading Main Stream papers for your news. The main stream media and many Democrats on the hill have shown contempt for the administration so deep it compromises our security and emboldens the enemy .       

Security authority for Dhi Qar has been under Provincial Iraqi Control for almost six months now, and many successes in the province are starting to show through.

The Iraqis who live in Dhi Qar province are now finding opportunities they never had under Saddam. The Provincial Reconstruction Team, which was set up last year, has been acting as advisers to the Iraqis, helping them determine which steps will best suit them to get Iraq to stand up on its own. To accomplish that goal, the PRT has been working with many different groups in the area, from U.S. and Coalition military to foreign civilian and Iraqi nationals.

"It takes time to build trust and engagement with the Iraqi provincial governments," Riley said. "There are two things happening at one time. First, they themselves are building up their own capacity to be a government, and do the things they're meant to do under the Iraqi constitution. Second, we as the Coalition are attempting, at the same time they are building up, we are trying to integrate and become trusted advisers in that process.

"You cannot do a reconstruction, you cannot carry forward the president's program in this country, unless you have that level of trust," he added.

Prouse said that the PRT program was good in certain places, but it wasn't something that could work everywhere, for different reasons.

"This is a successful PRT, the team is very good, but there is a combination of factors [that] helps it being a good place to work," said Prouse. "There are other places in the country where it is impossible to get out, if you get out you get killed. PRT is all about interacting with Iraqis, if you don't meet the Iraqis honestly you might as well go home.

"I don't think we should just keep on perceiving it stubbornly in every single province thinking that it is a success story," she said. "Here, my goal, my long term goal, is making it a small success so that private investors come in, the UN comes in.

"I want this to be a place where the UN starts thinking 'lets start putting a couple of our people embedded in the PRT'," she continued. "I asked for a private investment expert, just come here and analyze what companies are around, what SOEs are around, and then I can start calling up companies and saying 'Listen, come over here and look at this company, I will make sure that you get there safely, [and] come back safely'," she said. "People have to start coming out here and seeing Iraq is not the same all over the place, it changes a lot."

"They are getting excited," said Prouse, referring to the Iraqis. "There is a big difference between Baghdad and here. It's hard to ask them to be enthusiastic when the main goal is to stay alive until the end of the day. Asking them to fight for capacity building programs is a little far-fetched," she continued. "When I said that in Baghdad, I could see people rolling their eyes. Here, it clicked. I told them what it was about, and they are an enthusiastic bunch. That makes my life, our life, that much easier to go out there and have an enthusiastic PRDC. Have people who actually want to see us because they believe that we could make the difference together with them."

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